You Could Kill That Dragon Easily, If You Just Paid For A Decent Weapon

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Samurai & Dragons is an online fantasy game for the PS Vita from Sega. The game system is divided into 3 parts: dungeon exploring, territory development, and territory expansion. A somewhat standard game system with, er, unique art, what makes Samurai & Dragons different is that it will be completely free to play.

Weekly Famitsu reports that the game will be made available on the PS Store for free download and will be playable on both Wi-Fi and 3G/Wi-Fi modes of the l PS Vita. So, how will Sega hope to get your money? Through special purchasable items.

This social game model is commonly seen on the iOS with the iPhone and iPad, but never really on console games. While there have been online-specific console games where the online play was for free, generally, the games themselves cost money. With consoles connected to the internet becoming the norm, the gap between the "social game" and "console game" has grown narrower. Now, Sega is hoping to bridge that gap with Samurai & Dragons. Even if the game does not change the console game market completely, Sega is hoping to create a new field that others can venture into.


Samurai and Dragons is scheduled for release to the PS Store on March 29th.
A deluxe package that includes special items will be sold in stores on April 26th.

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I think free-to-play is really the future. In an RPG instead of spending your dollars on buying the game you can instead use it to buy items that is meant for your class. That way everyone gets to be more specialized rather than one size fits all.