Is this PS Vita Game Art Good? Or Just Horrid?

I'm not trying to be mean here. There is good art. And there is bad art. The art for Samurai & Dragons is, well, yeah.

Maybe this isn't my thing!

The in-game graphics look much better. You can check them out in this trailer from last Dec.


The game is a dungeon crawler that uses in-game cards and features standard characters like a Warrior or a Mage as well as a Samurai and a Ninja. The game has dragons, too, as the title indicates.

Yokusaru Shibata did the illustrations and designs. Shibata's illustrations tend to be...unique.

This could be one of those cases where the character art looks worse than the game itself. That is, unless you like this stuff.

Samurai & Dragons will be out this spring in Japan.

Samurai & Dragons [Sega]


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