Wearing a pro wrestling belt β€” and with the lust level of Dante's Inferno behind us (NSFW!) β€” I recently discussed God of War vs. Dante's, Xbox 360 '09 vs. PS3 '09 and some other stuff with the HipHopGamer.

Please note that the belt is his. We shot this a couple of weeks ago in New York City at an EA event.

Jump to about 3:40 for the start of the interview:


In the interview, the Hip Hop Gamer refers to a video post I did for my previous employer back in March. In it, I forecast that the Xbox 360 would lack many big titles for the holiday '09 season. Turns out, some of the details changed, but I was pretty much right.


Stephen Totilo PS3 Lineup Much Stronger Than Xbox360 This Holiday Season [HipHopGamer.com]