Halo Wars Still a Worthy Franchise, Says New Halo Studio

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Halo Wars survived Microsoft's assault to take down its leaderboards late last year, showing that the game still has some fight in it. 343 Industries, Microsoft's new internal studio handling the Halo franchise, tipped its cap to the console RTS, calling it sequel- and even Kinect-worthy.


That said, there are no plans to take this game in either direction. "It was a huge success," 343's Frank O'Connor told CVG, citing Halo Wars' status as the top selling RTS on this generation of consoles (an admittedly small field.)


But "is the will to do a sequel there? Who knows. We could do something that works on Kinect, for example," O'Connor said. "There's no will against it but we're not working on it right now."

In the same talk O'Connor played down talk that a European studio is cooking up a rumored Halo 1 remake. But if anything, those rumors, and the fast and vociferous defense of Halo Wars, show the community still has plenty of demand for all things Halo.

"The appetite for this stuff is huge as long as the quality is there - and that's the way that we should approach it," O'Connor said.

Halo Wars 2 could work on Kinect, says 343 [CVG]

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Caution! Halo-nerd rant to follow:

Halo Wars had potential, basically still has, but the actual game really killed it off. Halo Wars would have been really awesome had it been actually an RTS, you know Real Time STRATEGY... When you can't decide where to build buildings, or what buildings you build, or which route send unit and with what strength and composition, then it's not really an strategy game. Not when the game dumbs everything down to the point the player simply follows the ready set script.

Here's few points Halo Wars did wrong:

-Base. Only one building you can build only on one location is opposite of the strategy concept. We need to actually have the chance to build our bases, to plan the placements (note plural) of the buildings, each separately!

-Units 1. Setting unit caps to really low number (30 if I remember correctly) really negates the point of building armies. What's the point of having to build anything at all when you cant really have large armies? The quota gets filled immediately on the base defenses alone.

-Units again. Also the unit "promotions" (eg. from marines to ODST) actually removes the previous units, why? Why not have the units as separate entity?

-Units yet again. If you want to have Halo game please stick to the established canon. Keep your dump own creations to minimum, Cyclops I'm looking at you! We know that Halo canon has restricted amount of variation when it comes to units, but god dammit the non canon units were really stupid, especially with the Covenant. Plus there were bunch of in canon units not used in the game...

-Flood. It was stupid to put flood into the game, period.

There are a bunch of more nitpicks I have with the game, but compared to the bigger offenses those seem quite minor now.

If I had to give some recognition to Halo Wars those would be: the selection circle, that worked; beginning intro looked and felt quite Halo like, unfortunately tho that does not apply to rest of the game; and the E3 demo, that looked much better and more faithful to Halo franchise that what the final game came out as.

If anything would be worse than anything I just listed, that would be an Halo RTS with kinect play.