Halo Wars' Leaderboards Saved

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Responding to outcry from the game's close-knit community, Microsoft has about-faced on its decision to end leaderboard and stat-tracking support for Halo Wars on Dec. 15.


While the Halo Wars forums will still be merged into the Halo Waypoint forums, ending their presence on HaloWars.com, leaderboards and online statistics will remain active. Dedicated Halo Wars users consider them essential to online play.

A Microsoft spokesman confirmed the reversal to IGN earlier today, citing "the reaction and passion from 'Halo Wars' fans as well as 'Halo' FPS fan who were concerned about the future of other 'Halo' titles."

"If and when the location of accessing your stats changes, we will let you know at that point in time," Microsoft said via IGN.

Halo Wars Stats Remaining Online [IGN]


Long Live Video Games

Taking away a part of Halo will put Microsoft on a dark path of chaos. They screwed over the Halo 2 crowd so they probably thought they can't do it again without angry fans.