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Some people are already calling the Ghostbusters game a bust, in light of its failure to crack the NPD's Top 10 for June and pricey development budget. Those people may be slightly off the mark.


Because while the individual SKUs of the game may not have performed as well as many would have predicted, the game released on a lot of systems. Seven, to be exact. 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, DS, PSP and PC. And according to developers Terminal Reality, when those sales are combined the game has sold over a million units.


Add in the fact the game will probably have a long tail, that it's outsold any other movie tie-in for 2009 and that in PAL territories it's not out on 360 yet, and thing's are looking just fine for Ghostbusters, thanks.

When it came to producing a video game that was exciting and captured the spirit of 'Ghostbusters,' a Lewisville outfit got the call [Star Telegram]

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