Sony Now Publishing Ghostbusters In PAL Territories

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Yesterday, Ghostbusters was being published by Atari, and was due to be released across PS3, 360, PS2, Wii and DS. Today, in a strange move, that's no longer the case.


Sony have swooped in late and signed a new publishing deal, whereby the PS3 and PS2 versions of the game will be released in PAL territories (ie Europe and Australasia) not by Atari, but by Sony Computer Entertainment. Those versions will be released on June 19, the same day that the film's due out on Blu-Ray.

But what about the other versions? They'll be coming, but later in the year, as Sony's takeover means the game will be a timed exclusive to the PlayStation home consoles.

As for what this means for customers outside PAL territories...hopefully Sony and/or Atari will have something to say about that later today.

UPDATE - With the release of an official press release announcing the deal, this post has been updated to reflect the PAL-only nature of the announcement.



Still wont be getting the ps3 version.

I thought Sony didn't buy exclusives. Guess that was a lie.