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Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut Fixes PS5’s Busted Save Transfers

Sucker Punch adds a dedicated transfer option for PS4 saves

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Ghost of Tsushima's protagonist walking through a field of grass.
Screenshot: Sony

Save transfers have been a mess on PS5. Time and again, people have wanted to play upgraded versions of their old PS4 games only to discover they can’t import their previous save files without placing their console on a dark altar and performing arcane rituals. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut fixes that.

The PS5 version of the game has a work-around for importing PS4 saves directly on its start menu. Select the “Transfer PS4 Console Save” option and the game will immediately locate the files either locally or over a USB connection and make them available for playing in the upgraded game. Praise the lord! And also developer Sucker Punch.


Why is this such a big deal? You might remember back when Marvel’s Avengers PS5 version came out just what a headache it was for players to bring over their old save data. They couldn’t just transfer it over, pick up and go. They had to open the data up in the PS4 version of Marvel’s Avengers and manually migrate it over from there.


It was a hassle, especially because many people had already deleted that version of the game, forcing them to wait while it re-downloaded before they could start playing. Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade had the same issues, proving that Microsoft was right to gloat about its buzz word-y sounding “Smart Delivery” service after all.

According to Digital Foundry, the new, easier-to-use transfer feature in Ghost of Tsushima is a result of an update to Sony’s SDK (software development kit) that makes it possible for the PS5 to automatically read PS4 save data. That means other cross-gen PS5 games should also get an easier option for transferring saves. EA’s recently released PS5 upgrade for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has one as well.

It would have been nice if the PS5 had launched with this workaround but hey, better late than never, especially since most people who want a new PlayStation still can’t get their hands on one. Maybe by the time they finally do, Sony will have worked out how to automatically transfer saves over directly from the cloud.