Game Developers Conference: It's On (And Over)

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The 2009 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco is done and dusted, and churned out the stories.


This is the place to check back for all of our coverage of the news, games and people of the show. We'll make sure to update this post throughout the week with everything GDC.

Warhawk in Space
Warhawk's Dylan Jobe Leaves Incognito, Forms New Studio
Bad Economy Casts Pall Over GDC
You Too Can Watch The Game Developers Choice Awards
PixelJunk Eden Encore, New Resistance 2 Content At GDC
Epic Unveiling New Unreal Engine 3 Goodies At GDC
Be Good, Be Evil In inFamous
World's First Hands On With iPhone's Wolfenstein 3D
Titmouse Nabs Heavy Metal For Sexy Sci-Fi Adventures
Yosuke Hayashi Mans Up, Moves Out Of Itagaki's Shadow
Sigma 2 To Have Online Co-op
First Details On Star Trek: DAC
America's Army 3 Preview: Army of One... Plus Two
GDC Panel: Behind The Scenes of Guitar Hero Mobile]
Impressions Spectrobes: Origins Brings Brawling to Monster Collecting
Microsoft Makes 360 Development Easier All Around
Impressions: Split Second Blends Well-Timed Destruction, Racing
Ubisoft's Real-Time Strategy Is A Clever R.U.S.E.
EA's Big New Mobile Game Is... Scrabble? Again?
"Quality is Largely Irrelevant For iPhone Games"
OnLive Makes PC Upgrades Extinct, Lets You Play Crysis On Your TV
See OnLive In Action
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Dated For Nov. 10 In First Trailer
Game Developers Choice Awards Super Liveblog Of Waiting For Tim Schafer Jokes
IGF Awards Semi-liveblog Challenge
Hands On With iPhone's Star Defense
Come Touch Hideo Kojima At San Francisco's Apple Store
Bungie's Hiring And Here's How They'll Own You
Activision Moves In To Home With 'Backstage With Guitar Hero'
Incredibly Awkward Moments From GDC: When East Meets West Meets Fallout
GDC Panel: Fulfilling the Massively-Single Player Promise - How'd We Do?
Lunch With Luminaries: Wright, Perry, Fargo,Young and Spector Chat
Team ICO's Fumito Ueda Tries To Describe His New Game
The Art of LittleBigPlanet: Never Compromise
How Sackboy Learned to Love Physics
A Clue: Level 5 Lets Layton Sequel Hints Drop
Noby Noby Boy Is Coming To The iPhone
Molyneux's Next Big Thing Could Show At E3, Perhaps Ooze With Awesome
Molyneux: New DLC Coming to Fable II Very Soon, Fable III Hints
Mega 64 Becomes Kotaku
Kojima Stands And Delivers A Keynote
The Hideo Kojima GDC 09 Keynote Liveblog
Rumor: What Sixaxis Controls Do You Want in Arkham Asylum?
Snapshot: Kellindo With Monae Blow Up At Blow Up
Level 5 Studio Ghibli Game Maybe 20% Done
God of War III Frame Rate Revealed
Awkward Moments At GDC: Neil Young Tuck in Your Shirt
Brutal Legend Art: Everything Is Metal - Even The Sky
BioWare Tackles Elf Racism In Dragon Age: Origins
Batman Arkham Asylum Preview: The Challenge Modes
Harmonix Lists Rejected Rock Band Names
Batman Takes On Arkham Asylum's Challenge Rooms
The World of Fable II Wastes Less Than The World of Fable I
Terminator Salvation Preview: Please Don't Come Back
PSAs You Won't Be Seeing in GI Joe Game
World Of Warcraft Players Racking Up 16 Million Quests A Day
Molyneux: Fable Franchise May Not Remain RPGs
Katamari Creator Denies Drug Use & Other Choice Quotes
Blitz Games New Stereoscopic 3D Technology: A Feast For The Eyes
How Dead Space Wisely Ripped-Off Resident Evil 4
GDC: The Showroom Floor

Nintendo Pushing Third Parties To Focus On DSiWare Apps, Not Just Games
Nintendo's Big GDC News
DSi Creator Talks DSi Creation At GDC
Nintendo's GDC Keynote Round Up: Link's On A Train
Nintendo Plans "Nintendo DSi Enhanced" Game Cards With DSi-Only Features
All Aboard The Zelda: Spirit Tracks Trailer Train
Scenes From Nintendo's 2009 GDC Keynote
Downloadable Final Fantasy Abounds On The Wii
See Nintendo Demonstrate Rock N' Roll Climber
The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Coming To The DS
Wii Virtual Console Goes To The Arcade
Hands On With Nintendo DSiWare
Wii Storage Solution, New Balance Board Game Revealed At GDC
Nintendo's Satoru Iwata GDC Keynote Liveblog Party
Nintendo Shows Unreleased Dual-Card DSi, GBA Touch
Here's How You Play The New Punch-Out!!
Boom Blox Bash Party To Get Free DLC
Punch-Out!! Preview: Slick, Punchy Design
Excitebots: Trick Racing's SUPER SANDWICHES Explained, Bologna Confirmed
Watch Someone Playing Excitebots: Trick Racing

An Early Glimpse at GDC
The Brutal Art of Brutal Legend


Need a Jorb? 2K Boston's Recruiting Hard at GDC


Why does it sound like Nintendo is ditching the DS Lite and asking developers to do the same? That can't be good for anyone if their app or game is DSi exclusive only.