Need a Jorb? 2K Boston's Recruiting Hard at GDC

2K Boston, the house behind Bioshock, hits SF and the GDC this week looking for talent to help them with "their biggest and most ambitious project yet." Dozens of openings are promised.

2K Boston itself is touting this push pretty hard. Back in February people spied some job listings on Gamasutra that shed some light on this new game, mostly that they're "betting big on multiplayer." The jobs to be filled run the spectrum - programming, design, production, art, audio.


If you are at the Game Developers Conference, look for 2K Boston reps wearing "brightly colored 'Be Big in Boston' t-shirts." Stop by and say hi, I'm sure they'll at least give you a ballpoint pen or something - which you can then use to sign your NDA should you be hired to join this ultra top secret badass project.

This is the back of a promotional postcard they put out (the front is above), drawn up by Nate Wells, the designer who came up with the Big Daddy.

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