Titmouse Nabs Heavy Metal For Sexy Sci-Fi Adventures

Illustration for article titled Titmouse Nabs Heavy Metal For Sexy Sci-Fi Adventures

Not enough nubile warrior princesses/sexy robots in your video games? Since the answer to that is obviously "Yes," you're clearly excited about Titmouse Games new arrangement to create games based on Heavy Metal magazine fiction.


The recently announced development studio, already hard at work on Seven Haunted Seas, has a serious catalog of fantasy and sci-fi properties, almost all of them full of nearly-naked space travelers, to capitalize upon. The deal will almost assuredly put the "tit" in Titmouse.

The first project to come from the collaboration with Heavy Metal is Fistful of Blood, described as "an over-the-top action game about an Alien Bounty Huntress who comes to earth in search of the creature that killed her father, only to find herself caught in a blood feud between rival gangs of Vampires and Zombies."

The official announcement promises "in-your-face content." What it doesn't promise are games packed full of sexy chicks. Oh wait, it does.

"We want to start Titmouse Games off right, and I can't think of a better way than to pack enough aliens, zombies, vampires, guns, blood, gore, vengeance, and sexy chicks in a game to take down a stampeding elephant," says Aaron Habibipour, Creative Director for Titmouse Games.

As Titmouse has designs to "'keep-it-real' through the digital distribution of original content," we're guessing that its Heavy Metal licensed titles will be of the downloadable variety.


Is this the same Heavy Metal as the movie? Because that movie made me want a couple hours of my life back. :(