First Screen Of MMA's Sweaty, Well-Muscled Men

Illustration for article titled First Screen Of MMAs Sweaty, Well-Muscled Men

The first screenshot for EA Sports' MMA appeared in Sports Illustrated this week, showing off the development teams' firm grasp of men firmly grasping each other.


This image was posted on the EA Sports MMA Facebook page, letting mixed martial arts fans get their first look at EA Sports' take on the subject. We've yet to see the game in motion, but from a graphics standpoint alone it looks poised to give UFC a run for its video game money, potentially wrestling it to the floor and cuddling grappling it until it submits.

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The guy in the black shorts looks like he's really enjoying humping that guy's arm.

"Just a few... more... seconds... THERE we go!"

So gay #easportsmma