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Fall's Biggest Games Discussed On The Bonus Round

Last week, we visited GameTrailers HQ to chat about fall's biggest games, from Uncharted 2 to Brutal Legend to New Super Mario Bros. Wii. This Bonus Round clip is the result of that visit.

Join me, Michael McWhertor, Geoff Keighley, Michael Pachter and Tom Russo as we shoot the shit about video games in part one of this episode. Just don't view hungry, or you're inevitably going to ingest a KFC Snacker or full bucket of original recipe chicken within the first two minutes. And it's quote possible that putting either of those things in your system could kill you.


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What is Fall's biggest game? Grenade of Grenade: Modern Sniper 2? Dude Raider: Among Gears? Jack Black Presents: Underrated Cult Classic That Manages To Be Overrated At The Same Time? How about ViralMarketingLands? Maybe TekkenOurSweetTimeToReleaseOnA...?