Fallout 76 Players May Finally Get Their Damn Collector's Bags

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After a seven-month wait underscored by security issues and cheap nylon, Fallout 76 players may be able to get the collector’s edition bags they were promised.

Gather round, children, and let me tell you the saga of the collector’s edition Fallout 76 bags. The fancy-pants $200 Power Armor edition of Fallout 76 was supposed to come with a canvas bag, but players got nylon bags instead. They were not happy, and our own Luke Plunkett referred to them as “nylon trash.” Bethesda promised replacement bags, but we haven’t heard much about when they’ll arrive until now. To make matters worse, customer support for people who wanted these bags accidentally leaked their names, phone numbers and addresses. If I were to ever buy what amounts to a $200 bag, I would hope that it 1) is made of literally anything other than nylon and 2) does not dox me.

But the Bag Saga may finally be coming to a close. Today, Bethesda tweeted that they’ll be sending out replacement bags starting next week.


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that next week is also E3, where Bethesda will be having a press conference and will want to foster goodwill from their fans. I just hope that whatever the resolution is, it will not require a fifth article about these freaking bags.

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“...what amounts to a $200 bag..., Come off it. Nobody who bought that collector’s edition, myself included, even paid attention to the bag. We all wanted the helmet. The helmet is great. But then Internet circlejerk got their underoos in a twist and nkw y’all are acting like the box said, “Fallout 76: Genuine Canvas Functioning Bag-of-Holding Edition.”

Forget the bag, stop getting doing your “journalism” on Reddit, and quit it with the outrage clickbait.