To: Crecente From: Bashcraft RE: Back in the Saddle Again While putting my disposable contacts in this morning, one of them split in half while it was in my eye. Half of got stuck in the upper eyelid, and the other half getting stuck in my lower lid. I couldn't see anything as my eye went bloodshot. Started to getting panicky like until Mrs. Bashcraft was able to locate one half of the lens making its way to the backside of my eyeball and then the other half in the lower corner of my eye. Bless her. Made me once again consider two choices: Glasses or corrective surgery. Not so sure about the surgery. I know Blam at Gizmodo had it did, but the idea of lasers and my eye? Yikes... What you missed last night Flaming Lips Frontman Debuts Mutant Guitar Hero Guitar Impressions: Prince of Persia Sony Deploys New Killzone 2 Trailer To Marketing Front London MCM Expo Cosplay Gallery Sony Drop Kicks PSP-3000's 4GB Entertainment Pack Drawn To Life Devs Punk Vacationing Staffer With Drawn To Life Desk The New Yorker: Dude Huge Looks Like Boyish Model Or Weed Dealer Chun-Li Invites You To "Hit It Again For the First Time"

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