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Some of you wrote to us this weekend wondering why the hell Amazon (or the online retailer of your choosing) canceled your PSP-3000 pre-order. Well, if you were one of the dozens, if not hundreds, who opted for the 4GB Memory PSP Entertainment Pack — which featured a PSP 3000 and 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo — Sony canceling the release of said Entertainment Pack is the reason why. No, they're not abandoning the thing entirely to fix that little screen issue. SCEA's John Koller, director of hardware marketing, explains on the company's official blog that the publisher is "streamlining our PSP hardware lineup" in light of "significant interest in the Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters PSP Entertainment Pack" here. We're guessing 4GB Memory Sticks aren't as sexy as Sony once though. Should you be all set on Ratchet & Clank and bad Nic Cage movies, the standalone version will still be available, priced at $169.99. Who's outraged?! Like, outraged enough to comment? PSP 3000 update []


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