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Possibly in response to the XP exploit discovered last week, Electronic Arts has touted the hundreds of summary bannings it has handed out in Battlefield 3 and said it has nooooo problem handing out more. You want to boost for XP repairing an EOD robot, you little shits? I've got your ass for the rest of your natural born life if you don't watch your step.


"We've banned hundreds of hackers this week alone, and we are determined to punish the players who play without integrity," the official Battlefield Twitter account said in a series of three tweets. "A patch is just around the corner, and we will continue to ban cheaters. We take it seriously. That is our attitude here at Battlefield. We have zero tolerance for cheating players and are banning more all of the time."


The patch, presumably, will address the XP exploit, which drove its discoverer insane with regret on Wednesday.

But that won't be the only fix. Tactical flashlights will get nerfed, as well. Many players have complained of how bright they are, even in daylight surroundings, and DICE is listening. You may see a comparison of before-and-after flashlight screens in this tweet from DICE's Alan Kertz.

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