How to Get Crazy Battlefield 3 Points (Shit's Broke?)

Hey EA, you might want to patch Battlefield 3, because there's apparently a game-breaking exploit. According to YouTube user DarkSydeGeoff, this is it.


Using the exploit, detailed in the above video, players can get over 100,000 XP per game.

Here's how the exploit works: Join a "Hardcore" game with a buddy on the same squad. Then, both chose the Engineer, and one of you needs to select the robot. The other uses the repair kit. Either you or your buddy shoots the robot, and then the one with the repair kit fixes, or heals, the robot.


And that's it! In the video, DarkSydeGeoff got 400 XP in under ten seconds with the exploit, which Kotaku has yet to test.

No doubt EA is going to patch this—as EA should. But when?

Battlefield 3: 100,000 XP+ PER GAME EXPLOIT [YouTube Thanks, asdf!]

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I wonder if someone reported me for going 6 matches in a row with 0-0- and still getting more than 1600 points on the end match scoreboard and that's not counting all the exp obtain with ribbons, that ranks it up to 4000 exp per match.