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Battlefield Cheater Repents. Then Goes Bananas

Internet person DarkSydeGeoff discovered an exploit in Battlefield 3. He didn't just tell a friend, he told the entire world. Now, he's sorry. And going on a rampage.


The exploit enabled players to achieve over 100,000 XP per game. Click here for more information about the exploit.


"I noticed a lot of people were really upset about me exposing the exploit in Battlefield 3," Geoff told Kotaku. "I am very regretful for single-handedly ruining the community so I decided to repent."

By "repent" he meant spending his free time going around Battlefield 3's Hardcore servers and killing people using the exploit. Even though Geoff sounds all kinds of nutty in this video—spending the last bit going on a maniacal spree—he seems like a nice enough chap. I think.

Battlefield 3 Griefing: Repent For My Sins [YouTube]

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exactly what is the exploit? i only see people using mortar and other crap