Doom Looks Good As A Black And White Comic Book

Hello! This week we commit some goose crimes, make the new iPhone look cool, watch the new Medievil trailer, find out Cube World isn’t great, learn why online games have rough launches and get a whole new take on Doom.


Great Kotaku Content From The Past Week

Luckily, while we were waiting for Cube World to come out, Dragon Quest Builders 2 was released.

I wanted to make a joke about Doom running on something here, but I can’t find anything that Doom isn’t running on already.




A great story that goes into how complicated and hard it is to make online games work.



At least the phone doesn’t look as stupid anymore.


I want to play a version of Doom that looks like this. Also, keep checking out his future Inktober drawings as he plans on doing more Doom comics like this!


I wish I could react like this, but people ALWAYS hit me in Mario Kart. I don’t know how they do it, but they always get me.

News From The Past Week

Trailers And Videos You May Have Missed

I’ll probably never play the Ni No Kuni games, but I’ll always appreciate how good they look.

That demo they released wasn’t super great. Performance issues, a weird camera, and the controls felt too mushy. But maybe the full game will turn out better?

I wanted to love Rage 2 and instead I just sort of forgot it even came out. Still, love that gunplay though.

I love it when games get spooky updates! Give me your Halloween content!!



Taaaaaaaaake ooooooooon meeeeeeee....