Demon's Souls, One Month Later

Just like this tree, the Demon’s Souls remake is fire.
Just like this tree, the Demon’s Souls remake is fire.
Screenshot: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games

Can you believe it’s been a month since flagship PlayStation 5 game Demon’s Souls released? I feel like I’ve spent every waking hour of the past 30 days with the Bluepoint Games remake. While the game is mostly the same as the PlayStation 3 original, the community has been hard at work sussing out the few mysteries Demon’s Souls hides on the new platform.


  • Demon’s Souls was first revealed on June 11, 2020 as a PlayStation 5 exclusive. Early teasers did a great job of showing off the painstaking efforts Bluepoint took to make the remake look as pretty as possible, and fans almost immediately set about comparing it to the original game.
  • By analyzing early footage, freelancer John Learned made a great case for the hypothesis that the Demon’s Souls remake would include cut content from the original. Bluepoint eventually dashed those hopes, but it was fun to speculate while it lasted.
  • Demon’s Souls did include some really neat visual filters. These ranged from options to simply brighten the screen to filters that made the game look more like its predecessor. I’ve had a good time messing around with these options during my time with the game, but mainly in photo mode.
  • Kotaku didn’t receive Demon’s Souls until the day it launched, November 12, so we led our coverage with my early impressions after a few hours with the game. When I did finally beat the game and get around to reviewing it, my opinion remained the same: It’s really damn good. Oh, and it’s super fun to punch people.
  • But the teeth, my god, the teeth! The remake’s enhanced suite of character creation options inexplicably includes the ability to customize your Demon’s Souls warrior’s chompers. Many of the choices are terrible, but hey, I guess there isn’t time for brushing and flossing when you’re saving the world(?) from a horde of monsters.
  • While new content was sparse, Bluepoint did make sure the original Demon’s Souls’ duplication glitch didn’t work on PlayStation 5. Fortunately, farming items is much easier in the remake, doing away with the necessity of relying on bugs to get huge amounts of valuable materials.
  • A new glitch let Demon’s Souls players boost their Luck stat to incredible heights and then one-shot every boss with a Luck-based weapon. I’m of the opinion that Demon’s Souls isn’t nearly as hard as the games that came after it and thus doesn’t require these kinds of shenanigans to beat, but this was fun to watch develop in real time.
I died to these jerks more than any boss.
I died to these jerks more than any boss.
Screenshot: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games
  • Demon’s Souls players immediately set aside everything, however, with the discovery of a secret door that wasn’t present on PlayStation 3. There were several theories about how to open it, ranging from donning various outfits to bringing specific items to its doorstep. Distortion2, a popular Souls speedrunner, even tried to glitch into the secret area beyond the portal, but failed when met with an invisible barrier obviously put in by the devs to discourage such things.

Demon’s Souls is a wonderful remake that hews very closely to the PlayStation 3 classic, and at least for now, it’s one of the best games in the limited PlayStation 5 lineup. While interest has certainly died down since November, I’m looking forward to seeing if players can find any more secrets hiding in its shadowy corridors.

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Honestly I’m really disappointed that this is a PS5 exclusive.

I’m no where near in a stable enough financial situation thanks to the pandemic where I can afford to buy a new system never mind the fact how difficult it is in the first place to even get a PS5.

From what I’ve seen of Demon’s Souls there isn’t any reason whatsoever why it can’t be run on the PS4. This is a pretty PS3 game. Just make the PS4 version less pretty than the PS5 version and MILLIONS more people can play it.

I’ve heard a few comments from people playing that the online community is really lacking, which of course makes sense considering how many people actually have a PS5.

The only thing Sony did by making this a PS5 exclusive is left money on the table.