Players Are Trying To Figure Out How To Unlock A New Mysterious Door In Demon's Souls

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The Demon’s Souls remake on PS5 seems to be hiding a new mystery behind a locked door and while the community is working on how to open it, nobody has figured it out yet.


Demon’s Souls was first released on the PS3 back in 2009. The newly released remake, one of the few PS5 exclusives, is a fairly faithful remake of the original game, with some graphical upgrades and UI tweaks as you might expect. But hidden in World Level 1-3 is something new that can’t be found in the original PS3 game.

Down an alley, in this area, you can find what at first appears to be a dead-end, but in fact, is a false wall. Behind this fake wall is a locked door and behind that door... well, nobody quite knows yet. However, using photo mode, you can actually take a peek behind the locked door and if you do, you’ll spot a lone glowing object chilling on a balcony.

The glowing item behind the new locked door. 
The glowing item behind the new locked door. 
Screenshot: Cosmic-Vagabond / Bluepoint / Sony

Reddit user Cosmic-Vagabond was one of the very first players to use this photo mode trick to take a look behind the new, secret door. They also added shared more details about the door and their attempts to open it. They’ve tried wearing specific armors while near the door, sprinting straight to the door the moment the level loads, visiting it during different world tendencies, killing every enemy in the level, and more. After all this and hours of searching, no luck. The door remains shut.

This isn’t the first time the developers behind the Demon’s Souls on PS5, Bluepoint, have added something new and mysterious to one of their remakes. The studio added a similar mystery back in the PS4 remake of Shadow of The Colossus. So it’s extremely likely that this door isn’t just a random mistake or bug, but something more interesting and a new mystery for Demon’s Souls fans to solve.


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Brian Mieszala

I really think we will end up getting that last Archstone. I just don't know if it will be part of an update for free, or paid dlc (likely) or what. Here's hoping they pull a Sucker Punch and give us a hefty update a few months later for free.