Demon's Souls Speedrunner Opens Remake's Mysterious Door

it might not be as wild as some were expecting, but the Penetrator armor is pretty snazzy.
it might not be as wild as some were expecting, but the Penetrator armor is pretty snazzy.
Screenshot: PlayStation Studios / Bluepoint Games / Distortion2

The hidden door in the Demon’s Souls remake has been opened. And what was behind it? A way to fix the sixth archstone? A vague Bloodborne connection? A hint about the next Bluepoint Games project? Nope, just a set of armor. Cool armor, to be sure, but yeah. Armor.


I spent most of the work day with Souls speedrunner Distortion2’s stream on in the background as he picked through every nook and cranny of Boletaria for the remake’s new Ceramic Coins. The prevailing theory was that the coins were connected to opening the hidden door discovered in Demon’s Souls last week, but no one knew for sure. With only that hunch to guide him, Distortion2 spent hours gathering Ceramic Coins, at one point making an educated guess that 60 were necessary to access whatever secret the portal hid. Fortunately for him, that wasn’t the case.

After building up a stack of 30 coins, Distortion2 decided to try handing them over to Sparkly the Crow, an NPC who trades items. While this hadn’t worked with smaller amounts, Sparkly surprised Distortion2 with a rusty key. He immediately rushed to use the key on the hidden door, which summarily unlocked and allowed him to pilfer the loot within. What Distortion2 found there was a set of armor based on the area’s Penetrator boss, which, like many of the items in this story, is new to the PlayStation 5 version.

While this might not be the most exciting discovery, most of the fun was in the journey. Mysteries like this bring a community together, with everyone sorting through theories and experimenting with the game world to accomplish a common goal. The Souls series is special, mostly due to the same collaborative nature that went into solving this puzzle.

And hey, the hidden Demon’s Souls door might have been figured out, but there’s still the matter of those weird sound effects in the Nexus. What the heck is going on there?


Bad Kuchi Kopi

That sucks, I know a lot of people were hoping Easy Mode was hidden back there.