Bungie's New Destiny is Coming Soon. This is What We Know So Far.

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Bungie lifted the curtain yesterday on its new game, Destiny, a sci-fi "shared-world shooter" that once again pits humanity against a grave extraterrestrial threat. It's coming later this next year for PS3 and Xbox 360.


Kotaku's Tina Amini traveled to Seattle to see what the studio had to say about its new Destiny with Activision. The preview event didn't answer every question out there yet, but it did address some, and shed more light on what everyone's been up to after saying goodbye to Halo. Here is Kotaku's coverage of the game from this weekend.

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"It's coming later this year for PS3 and Xbox 360"

Since when was this announced? Pretty sure it's more of a "it will be out when we've finished it!"