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Bungie Reveals its Destiny in This Documentary

Bungie, the studio behind Halo is today revealing its next saga, Destiny, to be published by Activision. This is the first documentary describing the new sci-fi world the studio is creating.


In Destiny, coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, players will be thrust into the role of defending Earth, setting off on adventures on that post-apocalyptic landscape as well as on other worlds.

This documentary, "Pathways Out of Darkness," is the first of a series, and sets the tone for what you may expect from the game and its story.


Everything I Know About Bungie's Next First-Person Shooter, Destiny

Destiny, Bungie's first new game since they parted ways with Microsoft, looks and sounds like a first-person shooter—even if they don't like calling it that. But this isn't an MMO, no, they don't want us to call it that either, even if Destiny does take place in a big persistent world and borrows from other familiar MMO features.

Forget semantics. Let's dive into all the details revealed at this not-so-revealing reveal event. More »


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Hopefully comes on pc otherwise forget it. I skipped out on halo games cause its xbox exclusive and I can't play fps games with a controller, very slow and sluggish feeling for me personally.