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Bloodborne Modders Restore Cut Boss Version Of Fiery Mage

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Bloodborne players have faced the Loran Cleric before, but not like this.

A beast-like mage who can summon fire at will, the Loran Cleric is an enemy type only found in Bloodborne’s randomly generated Chalice Dungeons. However, modders recently found references to the creature lurking elsewhere in the game’s files, leading them to a more difficult variant of the enemy they believe was intended as a boss fight that was ultimately cut from the finished game.

Foxy Hooligans, a member of the hacker group Tomb Prospector that hunts for Bloodborne secrets, posted a video back in December recently spotted by Dualshockers. In it, they face-off against the more aggressive Loran Cleric controlled by much more challenging and robust AI.

Foxy Hooligans was able to restore the cut version of the boss fight using the DSTools modding editor and a jailbroken PS4, and while it’s incomplete in some ways—Loran Cleric is glued to the center of the room, unable to move around—it shows a much tougher encounter where the mage is lets lose fire balls and explosions without thinking twice.


The area-of-effect fire attack that sends the game’s framerate plummeting in the above video is actually one of the first things that tipped the Bloodborne community off to their potentially being more to Loran Cleric than first meets the eye. Players have spent the last five years since the game came out discovering all sorts of other weird scraps that were left on the editing room floor, including giant snakes as well as a boss rush mode.

Maybe if Bloodborne ever gets a proper PC release they won’t have to jump through so many hoops to play around with them.