Gamescom 2011 - The world's biggest public games show kicks off next week. It's so big even Luke is going. Right now, in fact. Bye Luke!

Is Valve Releasing a New Counter-Strike Game?

Out of nowhere, there's rumours flying around tonight that Valve is on the cusp of revealing a new game.
It's not Episode 3, but for many, it will be the next best thing: More »


To No One's Surprise, All PC Installs of Battlefield 3 will Require Origin

Just for the record, if you're going to play Battlefield 3 on the PC, you're going to create and use an Electronic Arts Origin account. Period. Developer DICE has confirmed what, really, shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, a couple days ago on Twitter.
This covers retail copies on DVD, but we can... More »


What do Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings Have In Common?

Rockstar North is a video game developer known and respected the world over as the creators and continued custodians of the core Grand Theft Auto series.
That's earned it a reputation as a specialist in the field of mature, cinematic video games. More »

This Battlefield 3 Computer Could Stop a Bullet or Two

Put aside the platform pissing match between EA and Valve over Battlefield 3 for a moment, PC fans, and let's all enjoy a nice custom PC casemod based on DICE's upcoming shooter.
Marketing team SeeBark Media built this wonderful custom PC in honour of Battlefield 3, emblazoning the side with labels... More »



Bungie Staffer Pulls Gun On Shooting Suspect, Makes Citizen's Arrest

Jeff Fletcher, an IT guy from Halo creators Bungie, pulled into the parking lot of a US Bank branch in Skyway, Seattle last week. He then saw two guys start shooting each other. More »


Game Movie Director's Theory On why Game Movies Stink

Some video game movies are...OK. Most are terrible. Why is that? Allow a guy who makes video game movies for a living (try and) explain.
Paul W.S. Anderson has been involved with every Resident Evil movie since the first one all the way back in 2002, and thinks the reason most game adaptations suck... More »

What's Wrong With Video Game Trailers

I love video game trailers, but I love them for the same reason I love concept work: I see them as entirely separate art forms from an actual video game. More »



Total War Goes Back to Japan With New Expansion

After a range of teeny little downloadable content packs, Creative Assembly's Total War: Shogun 2 will next month be getting its first serious expansion, called Rise of the Samurai.
It sends the game back in time (well, further back in time), and kicks off 400 years before the events of Shogun 2. More »

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