Is Valve Releasing a New Counter-Strike Game?

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Out of nowhere, there's rumours flying around tonight that Valve is on the cusp of revealing a new game.


It's not Episode 3, but for many, it will be the next best thing: a new Counter-Strike game.

Most of the chit-chat so far is based around testers (and eSports commentators) having very recently got some hands-on time with the rumoured project at Valve HQ. Some of them even pausing to take happy snaps of the trip.

All of the testers are involved in some way or another with the eSports scene, in particular competitive Counter-Strike gaming, and have apparently been down at Valve HQ giving their thoughts on a current build of the project.

Its full name is supposedly Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and is due out in Q1 2012. Whether it's a major update to the existing Counter-Strike or an all-new title isn't clear yet. According to the testers, some of the changes it would be making to the series' tried and tested formula would be new guns, new grenades, revamped maps and free ammo.

Oh, and the fact it'll be running on an updated version of Valve's Source Engine. And hats? No word yet on hats.

We've contacted Valve for more info, and will update if we hear back.

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I think the real news here if FINALLY! Source 2.0. It's only been seven years. I must say, though, Source 1.0 has aged incredibly. Like a fine wine.