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Bungie Staffer Pulls Gun On Shooting Suspect, Makes Citizen's Arrest

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Jeff Fletcher, an IT guy from Halo creators Bungie, pulled into the parking lot of a US Bank branch in Skyway, Seattle last week. He then saw two guys start shooting each other. What happens next is awesome.

A former security guard whose father used to be a Seattle cop, Fletcher saw a fight between two men escalate into a shootout, with one man wounded while the other tried to escape.


Cutting him off, Fletcher pulled his own gun on the fleeing suspect then, amazingly, managed a citizen's arrest, handcuffing the suspect with his dad's old police cuffs (worn on the same holster he kept his gun, which he has a legal permit to carry concealed).

Police soon arrived to find the suspect cuffed, searched and sitting on the curb, fresh and ready for questioning.


Citizen who subdued suspected shooter speaks [King 5, thanks Madness87!]

(Top image by Cheesy-Omlit-Man | deviantArt)

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