Hats and Square Heads -A view inside Tristan's closet today revealed that he likes fancy hats and video game characters with square heads. We're going to be rich when he grows up!

Your Cable Box Is Dying. Long Live the Game Console!

Your cable box is headed for obsolescence.
It may not be within the next year, but it could be within the next three that having a box dedicated to TV programming sitting under or next to your television will no longer be the norm. More »


Pixel Ranger For iPhone Is Old School Arcade Action Getting By On Good Looks & Charm

Pixel Ranger for iPhone and iPad feels as deep, engaging and modern as most Atari 2600 games, a CMYK-colored blend of Pitfall! meets Galaga, light on substance, heavy on visual charm.
Conceptually, Pixel Ranger is simple to the point of bordering on dumb. More »


Get Your Name in the Smithsonian, Thanks to the Power of Video Games (and Cold, Hard Cash)

When the Smithsonian American Art Museum opened voting for their upcoming Art of Video Games exhibit earlier this year, the resultant frenzy from gamers wanting to make sure their own personal Best Game EVAR was among the chosen crashed the institute's servers. More »


Imagine The Oregon Trail as Made by Rockstar Games

Before he died of dysentery, commenter Fernando Jorge had a rather fine idea about the rebirth of a classic educational PC game, and he knew just the developer to handle it. More »


U.S. Supreme Court Kicks Gaming's $1.4M Request For Cash to Lower Court

The U.S. Supreme Court today declined to rule on a request by the video game industry for $1.4 million in attorneys' fees tied to the landmark video game freedom of speech decision earlier this year, opting instead to kick the request down to the circuit courts.
The Court chose not to rule on the... More »


KEF's T205 Surround Sound Speakers Are $1,800 Worth of Audio in a 35 Millimeter Package

No, that's not my beautiful house in the picture above, with its color coordinated pillows, strategically scattered magazines, and perfectly misplaced popcorn, but with the low profile KEF T205 Surround Sound Speaker System in place it sure sounds like it. More »


Dark Souls Reviewers Like It Long and Hard

In 2009, From Software introduced gamers to a whole new world of pain with the PlayStation 3 exclusive Demon's Souls, a game that challenged the growing player handholding trend in favor of gripping that hand firmly and slicing it off at the wrist. More »


You Can Kill and Rob Facebook Strangers in Mafia Wars 2

Your Facebook friends will help you in the sequel to Mafia Wars. They'll help keep you safe while you take a bat to the knees of some Facebook stranger. More »


Mojang v. Bethesda, or: I Hate it When Mommy and Daddy Fight

Since I just spent the weekend playing Minecraft, my thoughts have unavoidably turned to the ongoing dispute between Mojang (makers of Minecraft) and Zenimax Media (parent company of Bethesda, makers of Oblivion and Skyrim among many other games) over the trademark on the word "Scrolls."
For those... More »


Half-Real Gives Australia a Dose of Game-Inspired Theater

To the frustration of its native gamers, the Australian government's got some sort of fetish for banning violent video games. But that doesn't mean that the medium isn't making its way into the cultural fabric over there. More »


The Life-Changing $20 Rightward-Facing Cow

The past year has been one of the strangest ever in the life of game designer, lecturer and author Ian Bogost. It started with the launch of the most successful game he's ever developed, and ended with him bringing it to a strange, cathartic end. More »


Notch Offered to Give Up "Scrolls" Trademark, Bethesda Sued Anyway

Markus "Notch" Persson, the maker of Minecraft, says his company Mojang volunteered both to drop the trademark request for the title of their upcoming game "Scrolls" and to add a subtitle in order to to avoid being sued by Skyrim juggernaut Bethesda, but that Bethesda refused. More »

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