Notch Offered to Give Up "Scrolls" Trademark, Bethesda Sued Anyway

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Markus "Notch" Persson, the maker of Minecraft, says his company Mojang volunteered both to drop the trademark request for the title of their upcoming game "Scrolls" and to add a subtitle in order to to avoid being sued by Skyrim juggernaut Bethesda, but that Bethesda refused. He shared this fact in response to a piece on Kotaku today that analyzed the ongoing battle between the gaming favorites.


From Persson's blog:

I feel the need to clarify a couple of things:

We realized we should apply for the trademark "Minecraft" to protect our brand. When doing so, we also sent in an application for "Scrolls". When Bethesda contacted us, we offered both to change the name to "Scrolls: [some subtitle]" and to give up the trademark.

They refused on both counts.

Whatever reason they have for suing us, it's not a fear of us having a trademark on the word "Scrolls", as we've offered to give that up.

Kotaku compiled a collection of the legal documents from the case (though they are in Swedish). Find them here.

A Short Response [The Word of Notch]

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I'm really happy all the Minecraft freaks are boycotting Bethesda and/or Skyrim over this, because Minecraft is currently THE hipster fad in gaming and I don't want their influence touching Skyrim whatsoever.

You heard it here first, Minecraft/Notch are the next Angry Birds. With the massive expansion to all platforms and the selling out involved with doing that, the freaks are just a few months away from declaring how lame Minecraft is and going on and on and on about "the old days".