Imagine The Oregon Trail as Made by Rockstar Games

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Before he died of dysentery, commenter Fernando Jorge had a rather fine idea about the rebirth of a classic educational PC game, and he knew just the developer to handle it.

The Oregon Trail could be an amazing game if remade nowadays, and it would be the perfect job for Rockstar.

Imagine this, a road game. You have this huge open world and one instruction: "go west". No maps or flying arrows pointing the way, just a compass. The player would have to figure out how to get across a river, find a way down a cliff, and find food and a place to sleep.


Just this massive 20 hour journey that lets you choose your own way west through unknown wilderness. A game where you'd climb up a hill, look back the path you came from and think, "There was I five hours ago when a cougar almost killed me".

Rockstar loves open world games and they love filling their games with pointless daily life tasks and mini-games and in an Oregon Trail game these things would fit perfectly. Couple that with their great story writing and it could be a character driven story about 19th century America with the cynic but human sensibility Rockstar has.

Right now there are very few story driven games that aren't about conflict or violence. Video games could use more of that and an Oregon Trail remake made by Rockstar would be perfect in so many levels.

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Implausible. It only takes about 15-45 minutes to cross RDR's world map. A 20 hour map would take too much space on discs. Neat idea, though.