A Year Later, Google Stadia Is Finally Getting Family Sharing

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Family Sharing, a Stadia feature that was announced a long, long time ago, is finally beginning to roll out on the eve of the video game streaming platform’s one-year anniversary.


The feature lets anyone in a Google Family group easily share Stadia games with one another, regardless of who originally bought it or is currently a Stadia Pro subscriber. Family groups can include up to six people, meaning that only one person in the group has to have access to particular games for them to be available to the other members.

People within the group can decide which of their games to share, and as long as no one else is playing it at the time it will be available to anyone else in the group to boot up.

Of course, Family Sharing was originally supposed to roll out “early” this year. Prior to Stadia’s launch last November, Google confirmed that the feature would be one of many missing at launch. On Reddit, a representative for Stadia said the feature will be rolling out to all users within the next week.

Correction: a previous version of this story misstated that two people could play the same shared game simultaneously.  

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