Swine Flu Outbreak Kills Dead Rising 2 E3 Appearance
Comment by: RyuuzakiBjorn
Nominated by: aw3str1k3r

Damn you, Swine Flu! You Bastard! I'll get you one day! * Shakes Fist *

Actually, I hope I don't.

EA Nintendo Group Waking Up To Wii
Comment by: Islandkiwi
Nominated by: Jimmie

Wrong. It may not be a fad, but it is clear that success on the Wii remains an insular event. If it is Nintendo software, it will sell. Outside developers, it will not.

I know it looks like there' a wonderful business opportunity there, but aside from the first Rayman game, I haven't seen it.

You Cannot Look Up This King of Fighters Skirt
Comment by: John_Norad
Nominated by: SmilingPolitely

Just..... one.... more.... fraaaame....

InFamous, Rock Band Unplugged Top Experience Playstation Now Showcase
Comment by: Str8_Jihadin
Nominated by: Sutekh_Slain


Sony Rep: "To get the most out of your PlayStation experience, you need to also buy a Sony TV, a Sony PS3, a Sony notebook, a Sony Ericsson..."

Kojima Productions Teaser Countdown Ends Just As You'd Expect
Comment by: deathxrebirth


No, I didn't rike it one bit.

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