The Wii isn't a fad. It's here to stay. We know it, you know it, and some dude at Electronic Arts knows it. The game giant is waking up and ready to take risks.

Electronic Arts senior producer Joe Booth spends his days overseeing Wii and DS exclusive Need for Speed: Nitro. About the Wii, he says, "I can't speak for the rest of the industry or all of EA but I can speak for my group when I say I think we've turned a corner and the industry has woken up to Wii in the right way... We're seeing a lot of new energy on the platform."

Keep in mind: Booth says he isn't talking about the entire industry; however, he thinks his group has woken up to the Wii. "The vision for the Nintendo Group at Electronic Arts is a long-term one," he explains. "We always want to have a balanced portfolio but we also want to break some new games and take some risks." Good for him, good for them.

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