PlayStation Store Update: Noby Noby Noby
Comment by: RoboticSpacePenguin
Nominated by: phinehas

Noby Noby Boy is awesome so far. In the first 10 minutes I grew a little and explored. Then I ate some stuff, but didn't realize I could fart it out. I guess I stored up so much stuff that when it came out the other side it literally blew my ass off.

After some hesitation I ate my own butt. The game seemed to approve.

New Killzone 2 TV Ad "Playable" In March
Comment by: Bialia
Nominated by: duckmouth

@BlueToast: King of Analogies It reminds me of the toothpaste wars. Aquafresh and its stupid stripes are just a fad, and I refuse to pay more for the entire package with Colgate total. If I want antibacterial action I will gladly purchase the mouthwash separately. Greedy bastards. Who's running that company anyway??



Western Europe Home of Most Active Pirates
Comment by: 超外人
Nominated by:

"Piracy is the single greatest threat to the innovation, artistic commitment and technological advancements enjoyed by millions of consumers worldwide,"

I have a major problem with his statement. Copyright (as it is used now) is the greatest threat to innovation, rather than what it was intended for (to promote works by offering rewards, etc). Many technological advancements take time to be released, because they must be delayed just so they can put in checks to prevent future technology that may make it easier to copy things or what have you.

The ESA isn't using copyright for innovation right now, they are using it for extortion, and dues.


Man Destroys Wii, Threatens To Kill Wife, Burn Down House
Comment by: Frologic
Nominated by: Reil

The father later realized that there were no barking dogs. His son was playing Wii music.


There Is No Tooth Fairy In Japan
Comment by: PimpNinja24
Nominated by: madammina

Oh the Tooth Fairy existed in Japan alright. But once she started balancing her books, she noticed that the yen/dollar conversion really was killing her viability, and the hassle of standing in the "gaijin" line at Narita wasn't worth it.

In other news, Nintendo, seeing a void being unfulfilled in Japan, has announced the release of Wii Teeth.


Ric Flair Wishes You A Happy, Strangely Violent Valentines Day
Comment by: SixDemonBag
Nominated by: hodayathink

It would appear that my love life, much like my console is going to be hand-held this year.


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