Forty-six-year-old Edgar Montalvo of New Britain, Connecticut held his family hostage and threatened to torch his house. It all started with the Nintendo Wii. That, or the heroin. Yeah, probably the heroin.

According to his wife, Montalvo got angry at his 14-year-old son for not pausing his Nintendo Wii quick enough when the father asked his son to deal with the barking dogs. The suspect then smashed the Wii and chucked it out the front door.


His wife said her husband forcibly pried her car keys out of her hand. He then used what's being described as a "billy club" to smash the car of another family member who was trying to remove the teen from the scene.

Montalvo reportedly used the "billy club" to keep his family members from leaving the house — which he threatened to burn down. Police stated that the suspect told his wife at least twice that he would kill her if she called the cops or left him over his heroin abuse.


Police were alerted by an anonymous complaint.

The New Britain Herald reports that Montalvo has been charged with disorderly conduct, second-degree criminal mischief, second-degree threatening, third-degree assault, two counts of second-degree unlawful restraint and risk of injury to a minor. He's being held on a US$150,000 bond.


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