New Killzone 2 TV Ad "Playable" In March

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With Killzone 2 a little more than a week away, the marketing engine is in full drive. Take, for instance, this amazing commercial for the upcoming PS3-exclusive shooter.

It was, the Sony folks tell us, created in-engine to show off the game's technology.

The idea for the commercial centered on telling the story of war on Helghan - up close and very personal and to use the game's engine to show it. No voodoo, no heavy metal soundtrack: just the true representation of the in-game graphics. The team at Guerrilla embraced the concept and we were on a production rollercoaster ride that produced a piece that will be broadcasted across several networks starting tomorrow.


"Every single frame of this commercial was directly rendered on a PS3 without the need for additional tweaking or touching up. We're very proud that our game engine technology has reached the point where we don't have to resort to software pre-rendering," said Hermen Hulst, Managing Director. "In that regard it is a testament to our commitment to deliver on what we promise. What you see is what you get."

But in-engine, really? Yes, in fact this coming March you'll be able to download a "playable" version of the in-game ad on the Playstation Network which will allow you to control the camera and hear director commentary.

Now that's in-engine.

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Helghast in HD – Killzone 2 Ads Hit TV

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Whoa! That ad showed me nothing of the game I'll actually be playing. Sweet! Sure it maybe rendered by the PS3, but do you think the average nongamer knows that? They'll be confused by the ad, what do I play exactly? Are those the graphics? I'm confused.

If more game companies made ads, with say a group of friends sitting around a TV, playing the game and actually showing gameplay footage. We'd have less people these days thinking games still look like Pac-Man and are only for Children.