To: Crecente
From: Bashcraft
RE: The Thing About Little Dogs

Another of Mini-Bash's baby teeth has fallen out. He's five, and the only kid in his class who's lost two of his teeth. (I think five is normal? He's going to be six in a couple months, so he might be a few months older than the average kid in his class...)

Even though Japan has Santa Claus, the country does not have the Tooth Fairy. Instead of putting a tooth under one's pillow, the custom is to throw the tooth in the air or at the ground — and to throw it straight down or straight up. The reasoning is that the adult teeth will come in straight.

So, if an upper tooth falls out, you'd throw it straight down at the ground. If it's a lower tooth, you'd throw it up in the air. If you ever find random baby teeth while out walking, that might be why.


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