To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Why Don't You Like Gingerbread Men? Why?


I'm not sure if I've ever been more ready for a month or a year to be over. In fact, I'd love to declare 2008 complete right now, by acclamation. Like a crap hand of Hearts, I'll eat the rest of the cards, because three and a half more days aren't going to improve my lot, nor many others'.

This was a different Christmas for me. I saw my grandfather for the first time since he suffered a fall earlier in November. If you take so much for granted of a person in good health, it really is amazing what ordinary things you admire and boast of in his recovery. So, in light of this and other circumstances, the family felt that a simple exchange of love and each other's company and time was much more appropriate than wrapping up material things bought in haste with next year's money, or the hope of it. And still we had one of the most touching and memorable Christmases we have ever shared.


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