Here's another roundup of multimedia laffs culled from the Interwebs. I make no representations of the freshness/expiration/ enjoy-by dates of any of this, only that I consider it gaming germane, and, at minimum, grimace-inducing.

First up, a 4chan MS paint rage-meme cartoon figures out the origin of the Xbox 360 name. Oh Microsoft! You steal everything don't you.

Next up, what looks like a school newspaper "review" of about three generations of consoles and hand-helds. It's new, because it references "grand theft auto 4" and "gutter hero" for the Xbox 360, but apparently the GameCube is still worth considering this holiday season. And PS2's pros? "Big ones and small ones." So true. We in the tower were impressed by the loved/hated arrangement of the critique, but then he ruined it by assigning a numerical score.

Here's some Pac-Man snow ghosts that popped up on Flickr. This improvisation sure beats the R2D2 mailboxes I saw around San Francisco about a year ago.


And finally, look, I'm reaching. And maybe this is an act. But if you have a shitload of video games, consoles, ROBs, maybe arcade cabinets and you have nowhere to put them, and you live near Chicago, Jones' Big Ass Truck Rental and Storage will hold your stash in comfort, style and security. How can you not trust a former "street pharmaceutical sales rep" who quit the business when he saw his "distribution manager" get shot?

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