Why Don't You Like Gingerbread Men? Why?

From: Bash
RE: Merry Christmas To All and To All A Good Night


Me? I love the way gingerbread tastes, it's heavy smell. Decorating a batch of gingerbread men is an evening well spent with memories of my childhood flooding back.

My parents sent us a tin of like $30 gingerbread mix. Quality stuff. Mixed up a batch, coated them in colorful frosting and then gave them to our friends here.

Foreshadowing: Mrs. Bashcraft didn't exactly seem crazy for the gingerbread men. Decorating them? That she loved. Eating them, not so much. The general reaction from friends and family was that gingerbread tastes "strange" or "mysterious" or "peculiar." Japanese people don't typically eat gingerbread or even seem to know what it is for that matter.

Wonder why what we eat as child affects what foods and flavors we like as adults. Are our taste buds sentimental or something?

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Burt Macklin

GingerBread + a heavy load of royal icing = awesome!!!