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Playstation Network Cuts Down on Game Sharing Starting This Month

Later this month Sony will begin limiting the number of PS3s and PSPs that can share a game purchased through the Playstation Network, the UK and U.S. More »


Russian Dancing Men: Too Unforgiving to be Fun

Rhythm games are difficult to do well on a smart device without simply porting over the note-highway interface of Guitar Hero or Rock Band whose ship everyone has agreed sailed about three years ago. More »


This is the Pretty Facebook Game from People Who Made Age of Empires and Halo Wars

Once. Twice. Three times. The folks at Zynga kept telling me the same thing, because they want me to know it. And they want you to know it:
The next big game from Zynga, the one that follows FarmVille, FrontierVille, and CityVille has been created by people who used to work at Ensemble Studios. More »


What Video Games Could Learn From Comic Book Continuity

Batman has his own stories but now and then runs into Superman. In Today's Speak Up on Kotaku commenter Aikage imagines a video game universe filled with countless games linked by a single continuity. More »

Here's How the Devil May Cry HD Collection Re-Introduces Dante's Original Look

It's inadvertently been a Devil May Cry week here at Kotaku. First we get the new screens of the DmC re-boot, then a spotlight on the series' other half-demon bad-ass Vergil in an Ultimate Marvel vs. More »



Gears of War 3 Creator Explains Why They're Charging To Unlock Content that's Already on the Disc

The $10 worth of new content that went on sale digitally for Gears of War 3 this week is mostly already included on the Gears of War 3 disc that gamers bought for $60. More »

Kinect for Windows Coming Soon to Change the Way We Do Everything

The sinister phase two of Microsoft's Kinect plan picks up steam as the company makes Kinect for Windows impeding arrival official. Are you ready to do everything six to eight feet from a computer screen? More »



The History of Battlefield in 45 minutes

Lest we forget, Battlefield 3 is the latest iteration of a more than decade-long stories series, a franchise that did much to change the way we played shooters.
This excellent video from GamerSpawn takes us from that first Battlefield, Battlefield 1942, in 2002, to this month's release of... More »

Leaked Copy of Modern Warfare 3 Sells for $1,725 on eBay

There's only four days until you're officially allowed to buy Activision's latest blockbuster FPS. That's 96 hours. Yes, K-Mart screwed the pooch and let some units slip out into the wild, where they've been spotted on eBay. More »



Nintendo's Delivery of Super Mario 3D Land Didn't Embarrass Me. Nope. Not at All.

Earlier this week, Nintendo FedExed me a copy of their next Zelda game. FedEx wasn't good enough for their next Mario game. No, to deliver Super Mario 3D Land they went the extra ridiculous mile.
This was shot today at Kotaku's New York City offices.

You can contact Stephen Totilo, the author of... More »


Our First Look at Battlefield 3's Intense Back to Karkand Maps

This December Battlefield 3 returns to Karkand with the Back to Karkand map pack.
This trailer we see the first ingame shots from Strike at Karkand, Sharqi Peninsula, Gulf of Oman, and Wake Island, from the upcoming expansion pack Battlefield 3: More »


The Craziest Battlefield 3 Strategies We've Seen So Far

In warfare there are the tried and true methods of combat, the time-tested techniques that are proven to bring success over your adversaries.
Then, there are the methods seen in these videos.
Collected here for your enjoyment-err, tactical appraisal-are some of the most insane, unique,... More »


California Man Pleads Guilty to Trading Video Game Cheat Codes for Child Pornography

A 22-year-old California man pled guilty today to child pornography charges for getting a 10-year-old boy to send nude pictures of himself in exchange for Call of Duty "cheat codes," according to U.S. More »


If Video Game Developers Could Redesign Football

People get hurt playing football. It may seem inevitable when you've got three 300-lb. pass rushers bearing down on a quarterback over and over again. More »


We Have 10 Minutes of Super Mario 3D Land to Show You

Super Mario 3D Land will be out on November 13, but I have it now. I'm in a sharing mood. Not enough of a sharing mood to lend you my copy, but enough of a mood to show you 10 minutes of World 1.
In this video, you'll see me perform mediocre run-throughs of Worlds 1-1, 1-3 and 1-4. More »

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