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Later this month Sony will begin limiting the number of PS3s and PSPs that can share a game purchased through the Playstation Network, the UK and U.S. Playstation blogs said this morning.


This appears to impact all regions.

Starting with game content purchased after Nov. 18 a new policy will apply that limits the number of devices that the content can be "activated" on. Users will be able to play the game on no more than two activated PS3 systems. PSP owners will be able to play the game on no more than two activated portables.


This update will not affect game content purchased before Nov. 18, but it will impact everything purchased after even for old PSPs and the PSPgo, they said.

Activation settings can be changed through each device. Sony Computer Entertainment also plans to provide a new Playstation Network account management website where users will be able to deactivate devices through their computers.

The guide to activating and deactivating your PS3 is available on the Playstation sites.

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