A Diversion From A Diversion

To: Bash
From: Owen
Re: Do Not Dwell On Tongue-Eating Parasite

I have done nothing but play football this week. Well, OK, I've played Borderlands, just as a diversion, rather than get started or continue anything big that I haven't finished yet. Anybody else have a go-to game they've already beaten twice, just for letting off steam?

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Darrisbob1 - ☆彡

I always end up playing something trivial like minesweeper or solitaire when I'm listening to music or podcast's on my computer.

My go-to game that I'll play when I'm bored or need a diversion is usually Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead, and occasionally I'll pop in a new one like Deathsmiles or BlazBlue, just something quick.

My go-to movie is almost always Lupin the 3rd: The Castle of Cagliostro, one of my favorite Miyazaki films. (even though I own most of his)

My go-to show is usually Scrubs. I own all the seasons on Dvd, and I might even pick up the Ninth, even though I felt that the Eighth season closer was more than enough of a finale.