Mom Busted, Accused Of Luring Teens With Xbox-For-Sex

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A married mom of three discovered the surest way into a 15-year-old's pants is with video games. After lavishing two teens with consoles and gifts and getting sex over two years, Stacy's mom now has it going on behind bars.

Christine Shreeve Hubbs, of Livermore, Calif. faces 67 counts of sexual assault and allegedly had kept the sexual relationships going for the past two years. They came to light, as they usually do in this age, when an adult found nude pics on a cell phone belonging to one of the boys. Additional pictures showing Hubbs having sex with both of the kids also were found.

Cops say the woman "confused, manipulated," and heaped gifts on the two teenagers, including Visa cards for spending money, Xboxes, and dinners out. She's being held on $4.3 million bond, has lawyered up and isn't talking to investigators. What would she say, anyway?


Woman Arrested For Giving Two Teens Money, Xboxes And Sex [Hot Blooded Gaming]

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Society needs to be more open minded when it comes to younger boys having relations with older women.