$977 Designer Shoe Looks Like A Mario Kart Item

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This shoe by Walter Van Beirendonck (teaming up with Japan’s Fools-Inc) is a new take on his existing, $815 “Cloud” sneaker. It is surely designed not to be worn on your feet, but to be thrown from a moving vehicle.


Via Hypebeast, it’s stupid as hell, but in the best possible way. Outlandish fashion design is always at its best when it begins with “let’s make a Nike Vapormax, only one that’ll explode on contact and knock Luigi down from 1st to 4th.

If Nintendo-looking sneakers aren’t your thing, Van Beirendonck’s latest collection also includes a jacket that is very “Catwalk Bowser”.

Illustration for article titled $977 Designer Shoe Looks Like A Mario Kart Item
Photo: Concrete



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