Me Chaade Su Goodie | The person who got this tattoo is definitely not a weak-minded fool. (Fuck Yeah, Tattoos)

Leaked Assassin's Creed III Pics Reveal British Ambush

In these new screenshots from Assassin's Creed III, leaked today by the website All Games Beta, the main character appears to be ambushing a group of British soldiers during the Revolutionary War. More »

Mass Effect 3's Launch Trailer Launches, Before the Game's Launch

Mass Effect 3 will be out next week, but launch trailers don't wait for games to launch. Here's the game's launch trailer today. More »

"Lydia NO!" Brings Skyrim's Most Beloved Glitch to Life

It's bad enough when one of Skyrim's giants sends your character flying high into the air, doomed to a fate as the centerpiece for a fresh new crater. When it happens to Skyrim's most famous AI companion — actually that's quite all right. More »

A Box Full of Pizza-Flavored Gaming Apps, With Frogs on the Side

Including a game called Pizza Vs. Skeletons in this week's lineup of featured Gaming Apps of the Day seemed like a good idea, until Friday afternoon rolled around. Now I'm so hungry I could eat a deep-fried frog. More »

Holy @!#?@! Man Spends 68.5 Hours Playing Single Game of Q*Bert

One man, this morning, just completed a 68.5 hour game of arcade classic Q*bert. Ed Heemskerk, of Florida, has been busy hopping over isometric cubes for almost three full days nonstop. And he did it all on a single coin. More »

Hell Yes, 100-Hour Video Games Are Worthwhile

You wanna know a really good way to piss people off? You could try telling them that 100-hour video games are a waste of time. If you do that, expect what you might call an editorial beat-down from one Jason Killingsworth. More »

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