In these new screenshots from Assassin's Creed III, leaked today by the website All Games Beta, the main character appears to be ambushing a group of British soldiers during the Revolutionary War.

You can also see the main character hunting a deer and interacting with soldiers in what appears to be a British colony. Looks like in addition to the tomahawks we saw earlier this week, the main character of Assassin's Creed III will wield a bow-and-arrow.

Two days ago, Kotaku reported that Assassin's Creed III would be set during the Revolutionary War. Publisher Ubisoft confirmed the news yesterday, posting official box art for the game on its Facebook page.


Ubisoft will release Assassin's Creed III on October 30.

Assassin's Creed III [All Games Beta via NeoGAF]

(Top photo: Screencap of AllGamesBeta's ACIII images)