Street Cred | "In response to your latest post of the Mega Man collection, thought I'd share with you photos of my Street Fighter game collection," says reader Clarence L. "All games are NTSC-1. Every game, version, variant, demo, cameos, even games with official Street Fighter special moves ... all in original packaging." (submitted photo)

GameStops Have PS Vita Demo Units, but Call Before You Head Over to Play One

Game Informer (owned by GameStop) this weekend announced that more than 3,300 GameStop locations in North America have demonstration units of the PS Vita available for people to come by and play. I'd advise calling first to see if your local store is letting it out for everyone to handle. More »

So, How'd That Half-Life 2 Protest Go?

Earlier this week, tens of thousands of users joined a Steam group dedicated to playing Half-Life 2 on Saturday between 2 and 2:30 p.m. EST, as a demonstration calling on Valve to get its ass in gear and release, or at least officially confirm work on Half-Life 3. How'd it turn out? It was either a great success or a disappointment, depending on your point of view. More »

Skyrim Super Bowl Sim Says Giants Win in a Rout

Today's Super Bowl between the Giants and the Patriots won't be much of a contest, if 1Up's simulation of 11 giants versus 11 Stormcloak patriots is any indication. Look for a lot of career-ending injuries late in the game. More »

My First PlayStation Vita Game, Courtesy of Walmart

Just because the PS Vita isn't out for another ten days in North America doesn't mean you can't start picking up your launch games in advance. This poor little guy looked so out of place in Walmart's PlayStation section I just had to take him home. More »

Leak Reveals Another Five Street Fighter X Tekken Characters, Including Akuma, Jin and Ogre

A Taiwanese gaming site has posted cards detailing the movesets for characters Street Fighter X Tekken, due for release in March. The big news here is that the movesets confirm M. Bison, Xiaoyu, Akuma, Jin and Ogre for the game's lineup. More »

Here are the 64 Players Vying for the Madden 13 Cover—I Think

In past years I've used the Saturday before the Super Bowl to handicap the field for the next cover of Madden NFL. Since the last time I did that, EA Sports put the honors up to a fan-voted, 32-player tournament in 2011, and on Thursday announced it was doubling that field to 64 for 2012. That makes the job of prognosticating the cover star of Madden NFL 13 a little more time consuming and complex, but I'm up to it. Given what I know of this game, the league, and EA Sports' relationships with the NFL's top performers, here are my picks for the entire field of 64 when it is announced on March 7. More »

Razer's Game-Changing Blade Gaming Laptop in My Hot Little Hands

Last summer PC peripheral maker Razer introduced the world to the Razer Blade, a device CEO Min-Liang Tan boldly described as "the world's first gaming laptop." Well now the world's first gaming laptop is in my dining room. Let's open this baby up, shall we? More »

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